The Clayton Thomas, Founder Of The ROOT Brands, Sits Down With The Count Of Monte Crypto

by Dustin Plantholt Editor-in-Chief
December 28, 2022
The Clayton Thomas, Founder Of The ROOT Brands, Sits Down With The Count Of Monte Crypto

Not to be confused with others by the same name, The Clayton Thomas, is the founder of ROOT Wellness, a company making products that tackle some of our biggest health challenges: a toxic environment, stress, and disease. Clayton’s blended backgrounded enabled a conversation in which we were able to discuss a vision of total health through a convergence of leadership and success principles, eastern philosophy, and modern scientific research. Although diabetes, heart disease and cancer are among the leading causes of death, the numbers for many other types of illnesses are on the rise and Thomas is determined to fight them all, not by treating the symptoms, but by curing the causes.

Thomas is married to Dr. Christina Rahm, ROOT’s chief formulator, whose scientific background along with her personal health history (conquering Lyme disease and multiple cancers) awakened in her a passion for helping people to heal themselves. Thomas describes ROOT’s formulas as “better living through biochemistry.” The approach is simple. First, detox. Then support the body to wellness by introducing what it needs to perform optimally.

His unique background in integrative therapies and business development combined with his out of the box thinking, wrapped up in a can-do attitude, then paired with Dr. Rahm’s nutraceutical knowledge became the driving force behind the dynamic duo’s enterprises. Their entirely new method of business combined ROOT’s social sharing community platform and is based on the idea that growth is the natural byproduct of adding value.

However, he cautions young entrepreneurs to be wary of early success; it leaves the impression the road will be an easy one. Rather, his mantra is “Fail Forward” knowing that failure can propel you into true success. Quite simply, when life gets tough, you become tougher.

Growing up in a family-owned veterinary practice, where dad was the vet and mom owned the clinic, Thomas recognized that some of the best mentors he had over the course of his life were women, citing his mom and Queen Elizabeth I, who he deemed as one of the greatest CEOs of all time. He describes his own wife as a savant and the woman he was made to serve.

With all the talk these days of moving into the cycle of the Divine Feminine, Thomas preaches the benefits of female energy and the principle of balancing the Yin and the Yang. He says it’s not about women’s empowerment, but rather “understanding the power of women.” After all, most sales are driven by the buying decisions of women.

Although it took him over a decade of learning from his mistakes to find the path toward his definition of success, Thomas is just getting started. He now understands the thing that people want is the value you create for them in this moment. That’s what drives sales. That’s what inspires success. Therefore, the “ROOTiverse,” as Thomas coined the company’s global platform, aims to help people solve real problems with high quality products based on the core values of integrity, authenticity, simplicity, and education.

Just like his products, his philosophy on success is addition by subtraction. Removing toxins is the primary pathway toward optimal functioning in the body and in life, allowing you to resonate at higher levels. Getting in touch with this higher vibrational energy is the key to finding your tribe—like attracting like.

Ultimately, it’s about living authentically and collaboratively.

The best investment advice he’s ever received, and now gives, is to first invest in yourself and then invest in others. Afterall, your customers are your business’s most valuable asset. If you invest heavily in them, their roots will grow deep, and their loyalty will be the greatest ROI you’ll ever get.


Dustin Plantholt


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