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The Grand Ball of Monte-Carlo is happening on 17 March in the World’s most luxurious hotel

February 16, 2023
The Grand Ball of Monte-Carlo is happening on 17 March in the World’s most luxurious hotel

One of the most prestigious events of Monaco will take place in the in the iconic Burj Al Arab, a global icon of Arabian luxury. This event themed princes and princesses is held every year in the heart of Monte-Carlo, under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II. Guests are invited to a once-in-a-lifetime experience and to enjoy an unforgettable and immersive world-class occasion.

Set to the royal theme, a fairy tale happening inspired by the charm of Monte-Carlo is about to take place in Dubai's most iconic hotel. A sumptuous great ball, to create an evening that will never be equalled again!

Guest from across the world will take part in a never-seen-before celebration of glamour and beauty. Charming love, music, art, beauty and magic will reunite for a princely event, where grandiosity will be at its peak.

Organiser of the event, the opera singer Delia Grace Noble has the ambition of following her dream by taking the magic of Monte-Carlo and its princiary allure to different other realms in the world. Along with the Monaco Pavilion at the last Universal Exhibition, The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses saw the light in the enticing land of Dubai. A burst of luxurious artistic encounter and the magic of aristocratic fairytale plunged into a different world of fantasy, in another corner of the globe. Later this year is set to be made in Venice and next year will take place in London. In 2025, this Great Ball is taking another dimension and explores another part of the world, Japan, during EXPO Osaka.

Connecting Monte-Carlo to the world and highlighting its valuable cores is such an admiring work of implication and artistic dedication. This way, is may be possible to live or relive, again and again, the fairytale of the royal balls!


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