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The State Minister initiates a dialogue with the "Objective Monaco" association

July 03, 2023
The State Minister initiates a dialogue with the


In response to a series of interviews from representatives of the "Objective Monaco" association appearing in the local press, State Minister H.E. Mr. Pierre Dartout decided to hold a meeting on Tuesday, June 27. The gathering aimed to answer the association's questions and clarify inaccuracies that were previously communicated.

In this context, representatives from the Princely Government included:
- Isabelle Berro-Amadeï, Government Counselor-Minister of Foreign Relations and Cooperation;
- H.E. Mrs. Sophie Thevenoux, Ambassador, Special Advisor in charge of European economic and financial matters;
- Isabelle Costa, High Commissioner for European Affairs;
- Laurence Garino, Chief of Staff to the State Minister;
- Veronique Campana, Technical Advisor in charge of coordinating the Europe Unit;
- David Martel, Technical Advisor, Europe Unit.

Representatives from the "Objective Monaco" association were:
- Stephane Garino, President of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Monaco;
- Thomas Giaccardi, Head of the Bar Association;
- Gabriel Viora, President of the Order of Architects of Monaco;
- Philippe Afriat, Member of the Order of Physicians;
- Fabien Deplanche, President of the Building Employer's Chamber;
- Alain Vivalda, President of the Monegasque Real Estate Chamber;
- Carol Millo, Secretary-General of the Monegasque Real Estate Chamber;
- Jean-François Riehl, President of the Group of Monegasque Building Companies.

During the meeting, the "Objective Monaco" members voiced their concerns regarding the Principality's developmental challenges and current negotiations with the European Union. State Minister Pierre Dartout, alongside Ms. Isabelle Berro-Amadeï and Ms. Isabelle Costa, offered clarifications about these negotiations, emphasizing the importance of Franco-Monegasque relations for the future.

Consistent with institutional protocols, the National Council, as well as the Economic, Social, and Environmental Council, are informed of such matters as a priority. Additionally, dialogues with representatives from various professional sectors have been conducted.

Concluding the meeting, State Minister Dartout proposed to maintain ongoing dialogue with the "Objective Monaco" association, continuing their pursuit of transparency and understanding in these complex matters.

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