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Three New Restaurant Spots For This Summer From SMB

by Anna Antipova Contributor
February 16, 2023
Three New Restaurant Spots For This Summer From SMB

The SBM, which already boasts several nightspots, is developing new venues for the season. Especially on the beach of Monte-Carlo with Maona, an in-house concept.

After Jimmy'z, Coya or Buddha Bar, the Société des Bains de Mer is preparing to expand its family of festive venues. With no less than three new addresses that will appear in the Monegasque gastronomic landscape for the summer season.

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Among them, the return of a "historic" brand from the Principality, Maona Monte-Carlo. In the '60s, Maona on the Larvotto Peninsula (Ma for Maria Callas, Ona for Aristotle Onassis, a leading couple at the time) was a party venue where Monegasque nights went on. It is from this period, the 60s and 70s, that the new Maona Monte-Carlo draws its inspiration. Imagine a summer cabaret on the beach of Monte-Carlo, right next to the Pont de Fer beach and overlooking the bay.

"We had this area at the end of the property, with a small villa and a volleyball court, which we tried to use for several years," points out Danièle Garcelon, general manager of Monte-Carlo Beach.

Several projects were considered. Maona's will be one. The premises will be transformed into a "warm, human-sized" villa, accessible directly from Avenue Princesse Grace. And open only in the evening. "It will not be a nightclub, but a place to have festive evenings with live music, a pianist, a diva and DJs." And where you can drink, eat and spend the evening until two in the morning.

Amazonico, a rooftop terrace on the Place du Casino

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For now, the place is still teeming with tools and workers. But SBM wants to finish the work in time to open its new Café de Paris next July. A completely redesigned, renovated, and optimized eatery that will greatly expand the building's dining and shopping offerings in an ideal location on Place du Casino.

On the second floor, the roof terrace is to create the event. It will be the venue of the Amazonico Monte-Carlo. The Société des Bains de Mer has decided to introduce on Monegasque soil this concept developed in 2010 by Sandro Silva and Marta Seco in Madrid, which has also proved successful in London and Dubai. Seasonal workers are already being hired to bring to life this new eatery, which is expected to attract Monte-Carlo's night owls.

On the plates, the Amazonico formula "celebrates the cultural and gastronomic diversity of Brazil in Peru, mixing tropical and Latin American influences," the teams warn. But diners also come for the décor, with its lush plants that give the impression of an Amazon rainforest.

The atmosphere is provided by live performances of Latin jazz, bossa nova and Cuban music that accompany the dishes. At the bar, DJs invite you to dance with slightly spicier rhythms. And the restaurant's offerings and terrace will be complemented by a more intimate speakeasy inside to extend the evening. Expected to open in July.'

La Vigie en journée

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If the nights of Monte-Carlo Beach are interrupted by Maona, the days will not be short. The hotel and club will reopen together on April 7, and while the machine is running again, Pointe de la Vigie will be transformed into a private club open from noon to 8 p.m. starting June 2. The tried-and-true restaurant or lounge concepts of past seasons are passé; the choice for 2023 is to offer a festive place to have fun during the day in this open-air area of the property surrounded by greenery.

To add to the atmosphere, Mediterranean cuisine and a cocktail bar will provide service. Another novelty are the five beach bungalows, nestled in the park of the palace, for sunbathing out of sight. And renamed love nests to sunbathe in small groups.


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