Transylvania Summit 2023

by Colin Fitzpatrick Contributor
March 07, 2023
Transylvania Summit 2023

On February 24th-26th, a glittering ceremony convened at the Plaza hotel in Târgu Mureş, Romania. The “City of Roses,” played host to a select group of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors from across the globe for the inaugural Transylvania Innovation Summit – an exclusive, private networking event showcasing the finest talent, global innovation, and highlighting the investment potential and richness of Târgu Mureş and Romania at large.

The Annual Summit aims to become the foremost initiative for stimulating a global economic workshop and forum in a land rich with history and ripe with economic potential. The event drew 120+ distinguished guests from various locations such as the United States, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Jordan, Brazil, Spain, and Monaco, each eager to discover the cutting-edge technology and innovation driving the region's steady growth. Local entrepreneur and Transylvania Summit Founder, Doru Borsan, alongside Princess Sophia Wolkonsky, Founder of Castilla, and Dustin Plantholt, Founder of the MonteCrypto Club, curated an event that was a true tour-de-force.

Pictured: Transylvania Summit Founder Doru Borsan, Princess Sophia Wolkonsky, and Dustin Plantholt

Over the course of two days, attendees were treated to a feast of presentations and panels, consisting of top politicians, business executives and entrepreneurs sharing their insights on everything from current global trends to the history of Romania and the incredible investment potential in local businesses and property development in the country. What emerged was a fascinating window into the many different regional activities and development opportunities, driving a sense of excitement and enthusiasm for the future.

Pictured: Transylvania Summit Founder Doru Borsan, Prince Dimitrie Sturdza, and Dustin Plantholt

Sprinkled among panels on Web3, Metaverse, Health, and Wellness, Doru showcased the significant wealth of the region, highlighting undiscovered gems of businesses and investments that Targu Mures and Romania truly represent. Among the diverse group of attendees and presenters were a high-end holistic healing and wellness center, a local organic jams and chutneys producer, whose delicious products were sampled and savored by all, an innovative travel booking site with a solution for hassle free booking of multi-leg trips including transfers, hotels, tickets. Holistic dentistry, technological advancements, Web3 innovation, artificial intelligence were all included in businesses seeking both capital investment and others desiring exposure to a global stage.

Pictured 1: Colin Fitzpatrick, Firas Safieddine, and Dustin Plantholt  Pictured 2: Shima Shad Rouh


       Pictured 1: Yannick Bosshard, Christian Meier, and Prince Dimitrie Sturdza  Pictured 2: Princess Sophia Wolkonsky and Mihaela Tudor

Entrepreneurship and Women in Leadership were also a highlight of the summit. Princess Sophia Wolkonsky, whose passion for history and architecture knows no bounds, shared her inspiring business called Castillia. From rich landscapes and beautiful architecture and a creative platform, Castilla aims to breathe new life into historical monuments by making them more accessible and increasing their revenue and exposure to a wider audience through rental options.

Pictured: European Women’s Association Founder, Yulia Stark

Romanians are known for being hospitable, warm, and animated of which the Summit attendees were amply treated to. The full spectrum of Romanian hospitality included laughter, dancing, and emotional speeches punctuating the two-day event. The festivities culminated in a lavish dinner Haller Castle, where guests were treated to local spirits around a blazing bonfire, followed by a string quartet performance in the underground caves, and a banquet featuring incredible local meats and delicacies culminating in an evening filled with a joyous round of dancing and entertainment.

The 2024 Transylvania Summit’s plans are already in the works and expected to showcase a  larger scale and more ambitious gathering, with up to 2000 participants expected. It's clear that the Transylvania Innovation Summit has set a new standard for bringing in a global entrepreneurial spirit of innovation and growth and showcasing Romania's best and brightest talent and investment potential.

Pictured 1: Dr. Michaela Princess Wolkonsky, Dr. Mart McClennan, and Dustin Plantholt   Pictured 2: Prince Cosma Wolkonsky, Alexandru Coita and Adrian Socaciu


Pictured 1: Fabrice Marquet, Malak Al Akiely, Luiz F. Costa Macambira  Pictured 2: MonteCryto Club Founder, Dustin Plantholt and Transylvania Summit Founder, Doru Borsan



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