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2023 World Changers Power Women's Summit: Vatican City-State Champions Unity and Female Leadership

by Dustin Plantholt Editor-in-Chief
October 25, 2023
2023 World Changers Power Women's Summit: Vatican City-State Champions Unity and Female Leadership

On October 12, 2023, Rome, Italy, bore witness to more than its usual historical splendor. The ancient walls of the Palazzo della Cancelleria Apostolica, particularly within Vasari’s “Cento Giorni,” echoed with artistry and recognition. Under the banner of the “World Changers Power Women Summit,” Prof. Gabriele Pao-Pei Andreoli, in collaboration with the “Pontifical Academy of Sciences,” orchestrated an evening celebrating the essence of human connection.

The evening resonated with the wonderful concert recital by mezzo-soprano-contralto Countess María Ratkova, accompanied on the piano by pianist Barbara Cattabiani. Beyond the melodies, the room was alive with stories. Dr. Rosario Valastro, National President of the Italian Red Cross, Dr. Domenico Giani, President of the National Confederation of Italian Mercy, and Sister Rosa Opinato were among the esteemed recipients of the 2023 Institute for Advanced Studies and Cooperation Medal of Honor. Their company included luminaries such as Monsignor Dario Edoardo Viganò and H.E. Monsignor Benito Adán Mendez Bracamonte, recognized for their efforts in fostering spiritual unity.

The narrative expanded the next day at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Vatican City-State. Voices of female leadership, including Jessica Word, Dr. Christina Rahm, Yulia Stark, Genoveva Turcu, Florina L. Onetiu, Shevon Harris-Holyfield, Dariia Vasylieva, Patrizia Marin, Helene Blanchette, Yasmeen Sehbai., Prof. Maria Garito, Manuela Ronchi, Karen Falkler and Professor Konstantina Papathanasiou shared their insights. The event was truly remarkable, not only for the inspiring women in attendance but also for the invaluable perspectives shared by men who recognized the profound influence of women in their professional and personal lives. Among them were Sir. Robert Grant, Ted Baker, and Marius Marinoff, all eager to recount the profound influence of remarkable woman who have shaped and transformed their personal and professional experiences.

Amidst this backdrop, Jessica Word and Robert Grant received dynastic knighthoods, marking milestones in their distinct journeys.

Dr. Christina Rahm, emblematic of resilience and wisdom, was honored with the Order of Merit Medal by the Portuguese Royal House. Making this day even more historic in Vatican history were the 2023 IASC Medal of Honor recipients: notable figures like Cardinal Peter Turkson, the internationally renowned painter, portraitist, and artist, Count Prof. Giuseppe Tedeschi; Countess Maria Ratkova; and the highly respected Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi.

This was no ordinary event; it was a celebration of human narratives and the connections that enrich our world. With 2023 setting such a compelling stage, anticipation builds for the revelations the 2024 World Changers Summit will bring.




Dustin Plantholt


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