“The Y-CONS”

January 11, 2023
“The Y-CONS”

YSY (Youssef Sy)

YSY-also known by his real name Youssef Sy-is a pop artist born in France in 1982.

Since young, he's had a passion for drawing and was firstly greatly inspired by the comic genre and then later by Japanese mangas. Both worlds occupied a central place in his mind and shaped his first dreams of becoming an artist.

After 5 years as the Head of design for the digital section of Havas Sports Group, Youssef then moved to Japan for 6 years where he first launched his character concept called: The Y-CONS.

Collaborating with the iconic brand Lacoste, Youssef Sy is the designer of the latest Novak Djokovic collection -tennis world number 1- with whom he shares similar values of passion, abnegation, and exceeding one's limits.

His passion for comics, mangas, sports led him to create art pieces linked to international pop culture with Estades Gallery and Vincent Astolfi Editions.

The Passion For Drawing

“The Y-CONS”

Designer of the Latest Novak Djokovic collection

“The Y-CONS”