40 Under 40

40 Under 40

Welcome to Monaco Voice's 40 under 40! This prestigious list celebrates the rise of the next generation of leaders who are shaping the world we live in. The millennial and Gen Z leaders bring fresh ideas, unique perspectives, and a sincere passion for making the world a better place.

Our 40 under 40 list features 40 influential people who have demonstrated a commitment to growth, service to others, and community impact while exhibiting professional excellence. These young professionals are innovators who are not satisfied with the status quo and are instead choosing to create positive change in new and exciting ways.

Take, for example, Her Highness Princess Sophia Wolkonsky, who founded Castillia, a company that aims to provide access to historic castles and cultural events while preserving history across Europe. She is just one of the many young founders, leaders, and entrepreneurs on our list who are dedicated to making a difference.

As we face many challenges as a society, from climate change to social inequality and the preservation of time and history, the young professionals on our 40 under 40 list have an undying drive and dedication to tackling these issues head-on. With their innovative ideas, unique perspectives, and passion for making a difference, they are poised to shape the world in ways that we can only begin to imagine.

We are excited to see the positive impact that these young professionals will have on our world, and we look forward to seeing them at the forefront of change and progress. Congratulations to our 40 under 40!