Dashdot Changes the Game for Property Investments in Australia

March 27, 2023
Dashdot Changes the Game for Property Investments in Australia

The housing markets in Australia finished 2022 on a weaker note, with CoreLogic’s national Home Value Index falling -1.1% in December, with an overall fall of -5.3% in the 2022 calendar year. Despite the minor downturn across areas of the country, housing values generally remain well above the pre-COVID level, and not all of the country’s property markets are equally affected by the downturn. 

Each state is at a different stage in the property cycle, and each capital city has a number of marketplaces where real estate values are declining in some areas and remaining stable in others. Some locations have also experienced a rise in value.

The Australian property investment company Dashdot understands this current market trend. It believes that finding the right property leads to a successful real estate investment.

Dashdot is a property portfolio growth partner that improves Australian lives by helping people make intelligent property decisions. Founders Goose Mcgrath and Gabi Billing relentlessly worked to crack the code on finding the right property investments that lead to a life of freedom and prosperity.

The current property market in Australia

Australian property prices significantly rose high in 2020-2021 due to the negative impacts of the pandemic. This continued in 2022 as inflation, cost of living, and interest rates skyrocketed this year, which resulted in housing prices and affordability having a relative impact on the people. There has been a struggle in purchasing homes as people became more aware of the financial implications.

The Australian property market was reported to be worth $9.98 trillion in the third quarter of 2022, following the record high of $10.14 trillion in the second quarter. This data is surprising considering the Australian house pricing fell at record-breaking levels of -8.4% between the fourth quarter of last year and January 2023. 

Despite tendencies toward downsizing through shared spaces and working-from-home rules, commercial real estate in Australia has evolved dramatically over the previous few years, with office spaces accounting for the most significant share of investments in commercial real estate in 2022.

In addition, due to customers’ continuing spending on home products, Australia’s large format retail industry held up well during the pandemic and did not see a major increase in property vacancy rates. 

Nationally, house and unit prices fell by less than 1 percent over the three months to December 2022. In September, people bore the brunt of interest rates and underwent high inflation levels. That is why this quarter saw house prices fall at their fastest quarterly rate.

The good news is, according to a report by Domain, the peak rate of the quarterly reduction has passed in the December quarter as purchasers have had time to acclimate to the new economic changes, resulting in a slow property downturn in the country.

Dashdot as the Property Portfolio Partner

Despite uncertain economic circumstances, Dashdot has shown remarkable resilience and steady growth by helping its clients acquire property investments. Through its innovative use of technology and data-driven strategies, Dashdot has been able to stay ahead of the market trends, enabling it to secure better yields and returns.

It has achieved an impressive growth of more than 800% over the last three years, a tremendous milestone recognized by the Deloitte Tech Fast 50 Awards Australia. The company has been placed on spot 14 and is the only property investment company on the list.

Dashdot’s rapid expansion is due to its elaborate data science and technology development team, which has produced an array of proprietary technology tools that redefined and improved the way of acquiring property investments. 

Dashdot can crack the code on property investing in real-time with accuracy, tracking more than 4 million variables every month. Its proprietary technology gives clients the edge to be informed about soon-to-boom hotspots before others even know they exist.

“Our mission of transforming how the world invests is the powerful driving force that underpins everything we do and produce,” says Dashdot CEO Goose Mcgrath.

“Most property investors get stuck at property number one or two. This is a massive problem because the result is that around 99% of property investors never achieve their dreams of financial freedom. It is difficult to build a scalable, profitable property portfolio that gives you a life of freedom, choice, and abundance. We have become Australia’s leading property portfolio growth partners because we have cracked the code,” he explains. 

The property portfolio partner is all about finding the right fit. It utilises macro and microlenses to dive into specific suburb-level insights so its clients can be provided with more comprehensive options, leading to the right property investment that fits their goals. 

“Simply put, people are not achieving what they could, because they're not buying what they should,” says Co-founder Gabi Billing. 

Dashdot believes the opportunity is still high if the right options and circumstances are provided.

Making property investment easy

Investing in properties can entail long and tedious processes that can be intimidating, especially for those without prior experience or knowledge of how things go. These processes can become even more complicated with the ever-changing and unpredictable landscape of economic and property markets. 

Dashdot assures its clients of a simpler and more efficient property investment experience through its top-tier technology and heart-centred service. 

“Most of the company’s innovations have been developed to make property investing approachable and simple to understand. As a start-up brand with a very strong and optimistic view, we lead with our results at the center of our communications.”

“While our tagline, ‘Pioneering Prosperity’ may sound fluffy, the facts and results that underpin this statement embody this notion wholeheartedly,” says Jess Norton, Head of Marketing. 

As part of its exceptional service, Dashdot consolidates every aspect of its clients’ property investment buying experience. The property industry is still extremely fragmented, but Dashdot wants to make property investing as smart as its consumers. 

Real estate investing enhanced by technology

Dashdot unveils the development of its new app that will provide new products and improved services, allowing its users to make the most of their property investments. The app is slated to release this 2023.

The new Dashdot app will provide more features to continuously facilitate success in property investment. From finding opportunities to tracking and managing existing assets, the app is designed to make the process as easy and efficient as possible. 

With the ability to quickly and accurately assess the performance of investments and make informed decisions, users can maximise their returns and minimise risk. 

Additionally, the wealth of data and analytics tools available allows users to make well-informed decisions and stay up to date with changes in the market. 

The Dashdot difference is that everything is streamlined, saving clients the hassle of coordinating all the moving pieces to secure investment properties and assess their performance. 

“We handle every step of the process, so all you need to do is review and sign. We aggregate over 68 steps from strategy, sourcing, securing to settlement into just one contact point,” explains Dashdot’s General Manager, Tim Keating. 

Dashdot’s proven growth and stellar portfolio testify to its excellence and innovations while putting the needs of its clients above all else. 

With this, Dashdot is expected to facilitate more growth, help more people make excellent investments, and be at the forefront of the property investment game this 2023. 

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